Offset Printing

Offset printing is one of the oldest publishing methods that are in use in the present printing enterprise. Offset printing permits you to create huge quantities of printed materials at inexpensive prices. It is a great choice for small and large runs. Despite the affordable price, it produces very high quality.

CM360 Prints is a full-sized offset printer. Our press can boast of 4 color and up to 6 color units . Our press room contains powerful presses carefully chosen to provide us the capability to handle any printing job. Our skilled craftsmen are cross-trained on several presses and bring more than 7 years of combined experience to the delivery of your project. As in every area of our production facility, close attention to details is paramount in the press area, whether it’s daily calibration to exacting specifications or a demanding cleaning after every color run to guarantee true color on every sheet printed.

Benefits of offset printing;

  • The least expensive method to make superior printing in commercial quantities
  • The main benefit of offset printing is its own high and consistent picture quality
  • Because offset presses can print so quickly your offset cost per piece isn’t static — it reduces with volume
  • Larger Runs; a printing volume of over 1000 units is typically ideal for offset printing.

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